Ino-Cry (w/ Magnetic Mask)

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What would this crybaby look like underneath his mask? 

Pin Details:
2" Tall
Black Nickel
Hard Enamel
Screen Print

Magnetic Pin Care

As you are aware this is going to be a pin + magnetic pin set. We have some care tips to keep in mind with this particular design:

  • Magnetic pins will be shipped with a small piece of protective padding.
  • The magnet is strong, however we would recommend that you take into consideration where you plan to display/store this pin.
  • We do not recommend displaying the magnetic mask on a bag that does not have a protective covering (like an ITA bag). As you may risk losing the magnetic pig mask.
  • This pin was designed for wall displays.
  • The more the magnet is engaged/disengaged, the more likely you risk scuffing the Cry-Boy base pin. This scuffing can be mitigated by keeping a small piece of protective padding when displaying, as well as showing care when removing/re-attaching the mask.