TealTeacup's Pin Grading Policy

Hello my Teacup Fam! We're all about bringing the cutest and chonky-est pins into your lives, each with its own personality and story. We pride ourselves in providing amazing quality, beautiful shiny collectables that will bring spike your serotonin! Just like in any hand-made item, every one of our pins are unique and come with loveable quirks! Here's more details on how we sort the batches of pins, always with love!


A Grade (A-listers): Our A-Grades are top-notch, with just a hint of character:

  • A-grades may show very minor imperfections that can be seen under close inspection.
    • Tiny glitter where you may not initially expect it.
    • A post with a bit of a sway.
    • Enamel that's filled just shy or just a tad over the lines.
    • Screen prints that danced slightly off their marks.
    • A whisper of dust, or a bubble or two in the enamel. (completely normal)
  • Please note:  Hard enamel pins with large areas of metal are more likely to have small scratches or scuffs that normally occur during the polishing process.


B Grade (B-Beauties): B Grade pins wear their quirks like crowns:

  • B Grades have noticeable minor defects, however, some may be close to being Standard grade pin.
    • Enamel that's boldly stepped out of its bounds.
    • Metal plating that tells a story, maybe with a chip or two.
    • Colors that decided to mix things up.
    • A little journey marked by scratches or a slight misalignment in print.


C Grade (C-Charming Character): Our C Grade pins are for those who love a pin with history and charm:

  • C-grades may also have
    • Enamel adventures that took a wild turn.
    • Metal with tales of epic battles (scratches, dents, or bends).
    • Posts playing a serious game of hide and seek.
    • Screen printing that's living its own life.
    • A patina of tarnish that adds character of a life lived


Any-Grades "ANYGRADE"refers to pins that may fall under the A or B-category, but are known to be amazing high quality batches consistently!


Creating these pins is a journey, and each batch comes out with its own set of surprises—thanks to our amazing manufacturers who help bring our visions to life. Remember, grading is a bit like art; it's all about perspective. What's important is the joy and the story each pin adds to your collection.

If you ever want to chat about pins, share a story, or just say hi, we're here for you. Your passion for collecting is what keeps us going. Thanks for being part of the TealTeacup story and adding our pins to your world.