TealTeacup Ita Bags

Fire Cutie Ita Bag (Final Name Pending)

Fire Cutie Calcifer Ita Bag Tealteacup

Oh Calcifer you're a first class fire demon, make my breakfast would ya? 

The second Ita Bag by TealTeacup! This double sided design with detachable breakfast wallet, will be coming Soon™ (Look forward to more news about this design this Summer 2022!) 

Calcifer Status: Planning Phase 

Bathhouse Spirit Cutie Ita Bag

Say Heelllooooo to the Bathhouse Spirit Cutie Ita Bag! This is my first Ita Bag and I am so excited to show you what I've been working on! 

I've always wanted to make an Ita bag, but I wanted it to be perfect. I've been working on this design for over 1.5 years, with many sample variants and plenty of sketches (even paper cut-out versions ^_^;) The original concept was just an idea of turning one of my shop-favorite designs into a wearable backpack, but I  couldn't just stop there. I’ve taken the samples for a spin, wearing it daily to and reaching out to my audience on Instagram for feedback to bring the best possible version of this bag to life! I put my all into creating a bag that was not only cute, but has functional and customizable features unique to TealTeacup designs! 

You can find the Original Kickstarter here

Bathhouse Cutie: In Production


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