TealTeacup Ita Bags


Fire Demon Cutie:
  • 03/13/23: Kickstarter goes live on 3/14/23
  • 03/09/23: New samples received! Check IG for some amazing pictures and videos!
  • 07/07/22: Just received first sample! Many adjustments need to be made, but we're liking how it's turning out!
Bathhouse Spirit Cutie:
  • 01/21/23: Second round of pre-orders have closed.
  • 01/13/23: Limited number of pre-order slots have been re-opened! This last chance will close on 01/20
  • 01/11/23: Pre-Orders are now closed!
  • 12/28/22: Last chance at pre-ordering the Textured Variant with wallet snaps and choice of free wallet. Future variants will not have the snaps or wallets! Pre-orders close on 01/10.
  • 8/15/22: updates posed to Kickstarter!
  • 8/12/22 NON-TEXTURED variant leftovers public drop.
  • 7/8/22: NON-TEXTURED variants have not been found to having any defects, in consideration for online drop end July/beg August.
  • 7/2/22: It has come to our attention that there are some manufacturer defects with the TEXTURED variants of the bags. We will pause all sales/processing of this bag until corrections can be made ASAP. (Full update on Kickstarter for backers) 
  • 7/1/22: In person debut at Anime Expo!
  • 6/30/22: 2/3 of the bags have arrived at our warehouse! We will start inventory on the Kickstarter/Preorder Stock now! Separate Event stock will be taken for in person sneak peaks!
Forest Spirit Cutie:
  • 7/13/22: Summer Con season is now over! We will bring these bags to our 3PL shipping company for a Late July/Early August website drop!
  • 7/8/22: Making their way to 626 Night Market!
  • 7/1/22: Surprise debut at Anime Expo!
  • 8/10/22: 48hr early access to “ITA BAG interest list
  • 8/12/22: Public shop drop of Limited Edition forest spirit ITA Bag