Think, listen, educate yourself, donate, uplift others, share resources, stand up, speak out, vote vote vote, be kind and stay safe. 💖 I recognize that the research and education can be overwhelming. So, I've decided to share a small amount of resources with a lot of links and accessible information when researching where to donate for Black Lives Matter and expansive lists of compiled learning resources/links.*

Article: Where to donate for Black Lives Matter

Growing List of Resources for Fighting for an Anti-Racist Future


Natl Resource List #GeorgeFloyd+

Natl Resource List -- Minneapolis Uprising & Beyond

National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles- Resources

Reclaim the Block: fund our broader movement

Resources for Accountability and Actions for Black Lives

Donations for the "SUMMER" Pin will be split amongst these non-profit organizations:


The Bail Project:

For assistance paying bail, contact the Bail Project at 1-833-425-6827.

Black Lives Matter- LA Chapter/ Los Angeles Action Bail Fund



Please continue to share the love, and contribute in any way you can. Speak out thoughtfully and without fear of failure, because the only sure failure at this point is silence. 

*TealTeacup did NOT gather any of the resources and links within the websites posted here and is not liable for the information provided. This page is simply a share-page in hopes of reducing a hurdle when it comes to accessing information on your search. Please continue to do your own due diligence.