ChonkCat JiJi Pin

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Take flight into the world of whimsy with the ChonkCat JiJi Pin – a playful nod to a certain black cat with a chonky twist! This enamel pin features our plump feline friend, donning a charming bow tie and a mischievous grin that pays homage to a beloved companion.

This pin is the ultimate accessory for those who adore the enchanting blend of chonkiness and airborne adventures. Pin it to your backpack, lapel, or wherever you need a touch of whimsical charm, and let the ChonkCat JiJi soar into your heart with its irresistible cuteness!

Pin Details:

  • 1.6" in tall
  • Hard Enamel pin 
  • Black Nickel Metal Plated
  • Screenprint