Pin- Summer LE - Variant 2
Pin- Summer LE - Variant 2
Pin- Summer LE - Variant 2
Pin- Summer LE - Variant 2
Pin- Summer LE - Variant 2
Pin- Summer LE - Variant 2

Pin- Summer LE - Variant 2


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Limited Edition Design details:
2.75in Tall
Hard Enamel Pin
Teal/blue Translucent Enamel details

This Limited Edition "Summer" pin is a design near and dear to my heart. She was finalized as an illustration in June of 2020, and created as a pin that raised money for 3 organizations that positively impact Social Justice Reform. She was rereleased in ‘March’ 2021 to celebrate women’s history month and raised money throughout March for  Women to Women International.

Color: you will see that the skin-tone color will reflect light differently depending on if it is in direct light or shadow. Colors will also vary depending on warm or cool lighting. This is natural for Enamel on pins.

This is AN "ANYGRADE" PIN. This means that your pin will adhere to the grading standards of either an A-Grade or B-grade pin. Please see my Grading Policy for more details. (All A and B grades are high-quality pins, and the "imperfections" of each pin are unique to the design and batch. For this design, you may see areas of enamel on the pin that reflect in a way that more "glossy" than "matte", or an area of slightly low-fill. These are common imperfections for this batch that I hope you will still enjoy and love. 

Back inscription: "Bring Light to the world around you, Stand up for what you believe in, and refuse to let anyone take away the value of human life."
Though I wrote these words inspired by the black lives matter movement and activism that still continues to this day, I feel that this quote applies just as closely to the importance of supporting and uplifting women throughout the world.

Back inscription

For more details on Women for Women International, please visit their website linked below 


"We ( proudly provide a broad array of vital support and education for women in 8 countries around the world that have felt the devastating effects of conflict.

We work at the critical intersection of women and conflict providing skills, knowledge, and resources that create sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities.

For over 25 years, Women for Women International has used an integrated approach to go beyond charity to innovation: We are a learning organization that listens to data, our teams on-the-ground, and women themselves to constantly evolve and improve the way we work. 

A world that does not respect women’s power does not respect women. But when we seize our power, we reclaim our rights, protect and liberate one another, and right injustice. Stand up, speak out, and support women.