STICKER- Pug: "Always Anxious"

STICKER- Pug: "Always Anxious"

Style SPAM the Anxious Pug STICKER

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Spam the Anxious Pug: This "Always Anxious" pug is always preoccupied with the past, future, and potential worst-case-scenarios. Anxieties include large crowds, small groups, silence, loud noises, being alone for too long, being overburdened by too many people, burdening people, driving, traveling alone, making choices and many more aspects of life. Enjoyments include: taking vitamin B6/B12, being comforted by a friend, listening to Lofi, reading books, and making lists.

Sticker Details:
(appx) 2.8-3in sticker, Waterproof, weather-resistant vinyl (great for your car, devices, or hydro flask))