Tattoo Tickets

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Have you ever purchased a TealTeacup enamel pin or sticker and thought, " This would totally be a great tattoo." Well, you are not alone. We have heard you.  We are now offering tattoo tickets so that you can get your favorite designs in ink! On yourself! Daebak!

This is for a digital product.  Each ticket gives you permission to take one of our designs to your favorite local tattoo artist and get all tatted up. Here are the details:

The 'tattoo ticket' is a way to show support for my work if you would like to use existing artwork as a tattoo, or as inspiration for a tattoo.
After purchase, you will receive a ticket download that grants written permission to use my work for a tattoo. Many tattoo artists feel more comfortable (or insist upon) receiving approval from artists when tattooing their work, so this is a quick and easy way to provide that.

Please note: I am not drawing custom tattoo designs; this ticket does not cover any customizations to artwork or new commissions. It is for existing artwork only. Additionally, it grants rights for personal use only, not for any commercial use.