About Pins

Pin Grading Policy

The quality of my pins are very important to me, and I strive to provide the best quality possible. With that said, realistically, no pin will be perfect and every batch/design is different. The reason these pins cannot be perfect is that they are handmade items that have natural variations and slight flaws that occur during every production process. A lot of time/energy is put into the production and grading of these pins. Please read below for more details my grading standards.

A Grades/Standards

A grades are the best of the batch for the particular design. If there is a minor imperfection that is across more than 20% of the batch, that will be considered part of the standard grade for that design/batch. No major defects will be considered standard. A-grades may exhibit very minor imperfections that can be seen under close inspection.

  • Stray glitter
  • Wiggly posts
  • Low-fill or very slight overfill of enamel in small areas
  • Slightly misaligned screen printing
  • Small traces of random debris (dust, fuzz, etc.)
  • Small amount of tiny bubbles in enamel, glitter or epoxy coating
  • Light scuffing, scratches, dents, enamel bleeding or tarnish.
  • Slight discoloration and imperfections in/on the metal plating on the sides and /or back of the pin
  • Minor enamel miscoloration
  • Small areas of thickened Metal lines that reduces or removes visibility of small enamel fill spots from original design. 
  • ***Hard enamel pins with large areas of metal are more likely to have small scratches or scuffs that normally occur during the polishing process. 

B Grades

Noticeable minor defects, however, very close to being Standard grade pin.

  • Moving posts
  • Low-fill or overfill/spillover of enamel in large areas
  • Chipped metal plating
  • Discoloration or staining
  • Missing enamel or plating
  • Wrong enamel fill colors
  • Large dents, divots, scratches
  • Missing or badly printed screen printing
  • Excessive bubbles, scratches, dents, divots
  • Foreign materials embedded in enamel, glitter or epoxy
  • Lightly discolored / tarnished plating
  • Scratched or medium-largely misaligned screen printing

C Grades

Very visible multiple minor and / or major defects. Perfect for those on a budget. In addition to defects mentioned above, C grades may also have...

  • Missing posts
  • Heavily Discolored / tarnished plating
  • Other

*By purchasing from Teal Teacup you agree to these conditions. Thank you.



"ANYGRADE" pins fall under A and/or B-grade standards. Please see above for details.


The design I want is out of stock! Will it be restocked?

Possibly! To manage my shipping cadence, pins will be stocked in limited quantity "waves", meaning a small amount of the stock will be available online for a short period of time. BUT, they may run out at any given wave, and only get restocked if they are at high demand. So get it while you can! I will announce restock date/times and low-stock listings via IG @TealTeacup.

Is there a way to fix a bent pin post?

Yes! Place a rubber clutch on the pin post, then gently (and SLOWLY) push the needle back in place. A pair of pliers would work well too. If the post is wobbly a little super glue should help.