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Pin Club



 Teal Teacup Pin Club is on PATREON!

My goal for this Pin Club is to provide NEW PIN DESIGNS MONTHLY, with the help of subscribers who love and want to support TealTeacup Shop. Subscribers will receive a “Thank You gift” every month that might include a free sticker, special “Thank You” note, and/or other goodies (depending on the month)! Patrons will also receive a special Monthly Discount Code for my shop every month!

♡ TIER 1 SUBSCRIBERS: This tier will support original designs (non-fan-art) from TealTeacup! There will be 4 THEMES A YEAR! Each theme will be designed in sets of 3, and the theme will change every 3 months. Please follow @tealteacup on Instagram for up to date reveals of new pin designs every month!

There will be a limited number of spots available!  

Visit and choose which Tier you would like to subscribe to! On the day of subscribing, you will be charged for the selected tier and eligible for that Month's Rewards! On the 1st of the Month every month, Patreon Subscribers will be charged for the respective month! There are a limited number of slots that will be available for each tier!

OC- Moop Loves You

OC- Spam "Always Anxious" OC- Bee-Z "Too Bee-Z to Sleep"
Devastated Foods- "Im Toast!"
Devastated Foods- Strawberry Screamer
Devastated Foods-?
July- Corgi Tea August- ??? September-???