ChonkCat Meownonoke Pin

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We all play our part to defend the Forest Spirit. 

Embark on a adventure with the Meownonoke ChonkCat Pin – a whimsical homage to a certain fiesty forest spirit protector with a delightful chonky twist! This enamel pin features our plump feline friend, embracing its inner guardian of the woods, adorned with the nostalgic fandom accents.

This pin is the perfect accessory for those who love the enchanting blend of chonkiness and forest fantasy. Pin it to your backpack, jacket, or wherever you need a touch of woodland whimsy, and let the Meownonoke ChonkCat become the guardian of your heart with its irresistibly adorable presence!

Pin Details:
Hard Enamel pin 
Black Nickel Metal Plated

  • Size: 1.8"
  • Type: Hard Enamel
  • Metal: Black Nickel