You Did It Gold Star 3-Pin Set

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You Did It Star - Matte Gold — Color Matte Gold

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Spread the joy of accomplishments with the "You Did It Gold Star" 3-Pin Set – because sharing victories is twice the fun! Each enamel pin in this whimsical collection is a quirky high-five for everyone in your squad.

Pin them to your jackets, bags, or share them among your tribe for a collective celebration of achievements. Let this set be your go-to for group triumphs, adding a touch of camaraderie and encouragement to every success. Because when the gold stars shine, it's a win for everyone! 🌟

Product Details: 

  • 1" in tall
  • Soft Enamel
  • Matte Gold Plating
  • Metal: Matte Gold
  • 3-Pin Set
  • Type: Soft Enamel