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Upcoming Events

Come See me at these Upcoming Events in 2019

April 20th: Patches & Pins Expo in New York

May 18-19: Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, CA

June 8th: Pin and Patch Con in San Diego, CA

June 29th: Patches & Pins Expo in San Francisco

July 4-7th: Anime Expo, Los Angeles, CA

August 2-4th: Animanga, Pomona CA

August 10th: Enamel Market, Pasadena Convention Center, CA

August 17th: Patches and Pins Festival, OC, CA

August 23-25th: Anime California, Burbank, CA

September 7th: Patches and Pins Expo, San Diego, CA

September 29th: Fall Pins & Pints, San Diego, CA 

October 11-13th: ComicCon LA, CA

October 26th:  Patches and Pins Expo, Santa AnaCA

November 15-17th: Anime NYC, NY

November 22-24th: Designer Con, Anaheim CA



2020 Upcoming Events:

January 18-20th: Anime Impulse,  

February 21-23rd:  LVL UP Expo, Las Vegas, NV

April 25th: Anifest, Torrance, CA

 Check back for updates and new events added!

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